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Gilde Educatie offers suitable education for adults, youth, (im)migrants, and natives. Both during the day and evening. Our civic integration courses are among the best in The Netherlands. Our students give us a good mark for our education. Gilde Education has been awarded the “Blik op Werk” (Focus on Work) hallmark.

Personal counselling

During your course a mentor will help/guide/assist you. We will help you apply for a DUO loan and the civic integration exam. Our learning centre is open five days a week and offers tutoring. You can practice with our online language programme almost anywhere, even at home!


Work and education

Do you want to do a course and work as well? We can help you by putting you in contact with a consultant of the employment agency we work with. Would you like to do a secondary vocational education (MBO)/vocational education while taking a course or after you complete one? We work together with Gilde Opleidingen, which is a school for vocational education. You can do a civic integration course and a vocational education NT2-Entrance at the same time. In that case you will learn a profession in the workplace. A diploma increases your chances of finding a job and allows you to do another education at a higher level.

Advisors Leren en Werken

Our advisors Leren en Werken can advise you about the possibilities about courses, a job and volunteer work in the Netherlands. These advisors offer you counseling by achieving your goal. For example:

  • counseling by orientation for work, study of volunteer work.
  • couseling at preparing a Curriculum Vitae / motivation letter.
  • visiting a open day at a MBO education.
  • first contact for work or signing up for a MBO education.
  • for  taking a test.
  • a broad intake test to receive more information about your possibilities.

These advisors can help you also with questions from for example the government, MBO education, volunteer organisations, employers. The advisors work together with organizations and their goal is to realize a faster and better participation, by example:

  • for a faster participation in our society.
  • for learning a language and  for better use in daily practice.
  • for a better transition from course Gilde Educatie to a MBO education or work.
  • for contribution and involvement in living environment.

Marjon Wiltenburg for region Noord-Limburg:

Fatiha Kiki for the region Midden-Limburg:

Blik op Werk hallmark

Gilde Educatie has been awarded the 'Blik op Werk' (Focus on Work) hallmark. A school with this hallmark offers quality, makes reliable agreements, and the students are satisfied. Our students graded us with an 7.7/10.

DUO only grants loans if you do a civic integration course at a school with a 'Blik op Werk' hallmark.

Important documents

You can download important documents here (documents are written in Dutch):

1) Click here here for the regulations of the Examination Appeal Board

2) Click here here for our Student Regulations

3) Click here for our Privacy Policy

4) Click here for our regulation Complaints Committee Gilde Educatie


    OER (education- and examregulations)

    The specific OER (education- and examregulations) and Gilde Education Examregulation can be requested at the coördinator of the region.


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