Dutch at work

Help your employees reach full potential. Language does not have to be a problem. To understand each other, you have to speak the same language, otherwise it can lead to miscommunication. Language and work are connected.

Focus on everyday work situations

Gilde Education offers courses “Dutch at work” for companies, individuals, and groups. The course will be tailored to your company's need. Focus will be on everyday work situations. Every employee will be interviewed to determine the starting level and their personal wishes and goals. This information will be used to make an individual course plan. After that, you will receive a proposal for a custom made language course. We will discuss class times, length of the course, and location with you.

Advantages for the employee:

  • Better understanding of work and safety instructions.
  • Develop their professional language skills.
  • Improve communication skills to communicate with colleagues and superiors.


Contact us for an appointment or more information.


At your company or one of the locations of Gilde Educatie.

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