Dutch as a second language

In the NT2 course (Dutch as a Second Language) you learn to read, listen, write, and speak in Dutch. It is not a problem if you have trouble reading and writing in your first language as well. This course will increase your chances of finding (volunteer) work or an education.

NT2 from beginner up to B1

These courses improve your Dutch reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. If your language skills are good enough, you can do this course at proficiency level B1. At the end of the course you can take the State Exam for programme 1 or programme 2.

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Literacy training

Unable to read and write in your mother tongue and/or don’t know the Latin alphabet? Then this literacy training is for you!

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Civic integration

The course NT2 prepares you for the civic integration exam at A2-level. Are you unable to read and write in your mother tongue and/or unfamiliar with the Latin alphabet? Then you will have to do the Literacy training first. 

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Exam training civic integration

Have you completed a civic integration course and would you like to do a civic integration or State Exam? Have you done a civic integration of State Exam before but unfortunately did not pass for everything? In that case the exam training of Gilde Educatie is the right training for you!

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NT2 mensen op een rij in klas