Dutch as first language

Dutch as first language

1.5 million people in The Netherlands have trouble reading and writing. That is 1 in almost 10 people. Do you have trouble with Dutch? We would love to help! Gilde Education offers a language course (NT1) and coaching

Two levels

Gilde Education offers classes at your own level and pace. NT1 means Dutch as first language. This course is for adults whose mother tongue is Dutch. During classes you will learn e.g. to read a paper, write an email, and fill out forms. Things that you will have to do daily.

  • Level 1F: You will learn Dutch on an elementary school level.
  • Level 2F: You will learn Dutch on lower vocational educational level.

Start course

You apply to Gilde Education. You can do that through this site.

We will invite you for an interview in which we will discuss your options. How long it will take you to complete this course depends on the time that you participate weekly.



Gilde Education offers courses in Roermond, Weert and Venlo-Blerick. Click here for address information.

Tuition fees

The city council will pay the tuition fee for this course. You will buy the required material yourself.

Cursist en begeleider NT1